nutritionally dense raw dog food

made in small batches

human grade quality

delivered fresh to your door

Quality of life. Quality of food.  As our pup's best friends, it's our job to provide them with the best life possible: minimizing vet visits, and maximizing good times.

Quality is everything.

 A real good life starts with real good food. 

What makes our recipe different?

nutritionally dense

made in small batches

human grade quality

Each ingredient is selected to provide bioavailable nutrients to pups with a complete and balanced meal.

All ingredients are of human grade quality and are sourced locally whenever possible. 

We handcraft all of our micro-batches to ensure your dog is getting the freshest ingredients.

Kibble may be the norm but that doesn't mean it's what's best. 

A raw food diet provides dogs with a variety of essential, bioavailable nutrients that give them the energy to take on each new adventure with you! 

Why Raw?

delivered fresh to your door

Some benefits you may notice include...

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