When Roscoe’s health began to decline at the age of 7, we began searching for solutions. Skin allergies, chronic ear infections, poor joint health and reduced stamina were all issues that seemed to be the “norm” for our aging pup. After several expensive vet visits, we came across the raw dog food diet and thought it was worth giving a shot to provide him some relief. 

At RAWSCO we are passionate about our dogs and their quality of life. 

After moving back to our hometown of Tampa, Florida, we struggled to find accessible and affordable raw food to feed our pups so we got in the kitchen to craft our own. After countless hours of research into the nutritional needs of our dogs, we’ve developed a nutritionally balanced and tasty recipe that allows dogs to thrive. Now we want to share the results that our dogs had with you and your best friend.

Roscoe’s ear infections drastically reduced, the relentless scratching stopped as his skin began to heal, his coat became noticeably shinier and softer and his energy levels seemed to return to what it was years before!  After 5 years of feeding Roscoe raw food and witnessing the notable transformation in his vitality and health, we decided we'd never go back to kibble.

bon apetite!

Roscoe & Myla

Danielle & Nick